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Pattaya Nightlife Areas

When talking about Pattaya nightlife, most people will instantly think about Walking Street, which is the place for the largest concentration of nightlife venues in Pattaya. What many people don’t know is that there are many other party areas in this town, that even though not as huge and wild as the Walking Street, but still offer a unique excitement of nightlife entertainment.

Here are the top five best nightlife areas in Pattaya where you can choose to spend your vacation nights in one of the available venues from beer bars, nightclubs to the naughty go go bars.

Walking Street

As said above, Pattaya nightlife is not all about Walking Street, but this place should definitely be on top of the list. This area is the face of Pattaya nightlife that’s internationally famous for being one of the best party zones in South East Asia. This is the place where you can find hundreds of nightlife venues of all kinds, from hundreds of beer bars, almost a hundred go go bars, fancy nightclubs, live music lounges, massage houses, to fancy restaurants and street food vendors.

This street is about 1 km long and it’s closed for vehicles starting from 6 pm. That’s why it’s called the Walking Street, because there’s no vehicle after six, you just see a bunch people walking around looking for a place to party.

Prices here are usually more expensive as compared to other party areas in Pattaya, but you definitely will have an unforgettable experience when you spend your nights on Pattaya Walking Street.



Sois 7 and 8

Located in Central Pattaya, Soi 7 is actually where you can find the largest concentration of beer bars in the city. Two of the most popular bars in this area are Pandora Bar and The Luxor Bar. Besides beer bars there are also some nice go go bars in the area, like World Wide A Go Go and Silver Star 2. While Soi 8 has a more modest bars selection and can be accessed through a narrow connecting route. The most popular bar in Soi 8 s probably the Sailor Bar & Restaurant where you can enjoy drinks with cheap prices in a wonderful atmosphere – the cocktails in this place is only 50 baht!

Soi LK Metro

This place is like the smaller version of Walking Street or also known as the poor man’s Walking Street, because the prices of just about everything here are way cheaper than Walking Street, while it also has various nightlife venues all around.

This area got its name because it covers 200 meters long area of the L-shaped alley surrounding the LK Metropole hotel. Even though there are several kinds of different venues, but mostly this area is dominated by go go bars. While the spaces between these go go bars are mostly occupied by regular bars.

It’s a great area if you want to enjoy nightlife entertainment without spending too much money and not have to deal with pushy girls trying to make buy more and more drinks. Some of the top venues in this area are Sugar Sugar, The Office, Murphy’s Law Irish Bar, and Champagne.


Located in South Pattaya, this area lies at the southern end of the Beach Road, so it’s really close to the Walking Street. This area is best known for its gay bars, even though there are also many girlie bars in the area. Some of the most popular gay bars in the area include Cupidol Bar and the X-Boys Pattaya, these are located on Pattayaland Soi 1. Just a short walk away through a narrow alley you will arrive at Pattayaland Soi 2, where you can find the most popular go go bars in the area; The Classroom Agogo and Cats Agogo. Another section is the Pattayaland Soi 3 Where you can find the famous Boys Boys Boys Nightclub as well as Copa Show Bar.

Soi 6

Also known as “Soi Yodsak” or as most old timers call it “Soi Half a Dozen”. This place is almost as popular as the Walking Street, in fact this area is the number one choice for some people to spend their nights. This area is dominated by beer bars, literally everywhere you look you will see these type of bars. Some of the most popular venues in Soi 6 include The Butterfly Bar, Sexy In the City, Night Wish and Ruby Club. It’s important not to confuse this area with Soi 6/1, because that’s the area for ladyboy bars.

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