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Thailand – What is behind sex tourism

Sex Tourism Thailand

Despite the fact that we are in the era of globalization and communication, news such as the trade of people, the sale of slaves and even organizations that are dedicated to the supply of people as if they were a commodity are still emerging and surprising us despite of being on the 21st century.


Although it is known that it is a practice that is thousands of years old, it would be expected that with that time of evolution humanity would overcome that dark part. However, in poor countries of Asia, Africa and America, today is a well organized industry that offers sex tourism in a mercantilist way, which is even able to offer within the “service”, minors.

In Thailand as well as in Southeast Asian countries, these organizations traffic children and women, attracting them with the promise of a well-paid job. There, they discover that they were sold to brothels who will have to pay them what they supposedly cost, serving the clients. They never pay off their debts since the cost of their maintenance is added up. At other times, young women are raped and slavers take advantage of the stigma created to force them to prostitute themselves because “no one can want them that way (WTF with these people).”

Sex Tourism in Thailand
Sex Tourism in Thailand

There is a taxi driver’s network who use this work as a facade; the truth is that they pass themselves off as “public religionists” of some kind of company, when they belong to a criminal organization of prostitution, sexual slavery and human trafficking. Annually about 10,000 girls go from Myanmar (formerly Burma) to Thailand for these purposes. It is estimated that 200 thousand people are victims of human trafficking in Asia every year, coming from Nepal, the Philippines, Cambodia and Myanmar.

For its part, in Thailand and Singapore there is a huge market for these women in conditions of indignity abusing their status as undocumented. In China, due to the disproportion between people of both sexes, due to the proliferation of abortions of girls due to the preference for boys.

It has reached a rate of 100 women for every 116 men, estimating that by the year 2020 there will be 24 million Chinese without a couple, causing a boom in the business of prostitution and sale of people for marriage in a country that improves their purchasing power . Twenty years ago, there was the case of the sale of Chinese peasant women sold in Japan and fleeing poverty to marry loners of advanced age. They were taken by agencies that advertised them by catalog.

Migration related to the phenomenon of trafficking in women today is a very important social problem for two reasons: one is that this phenomenon puts women in the wave of migration and the second, due to the violence they suffer in the destination place. On a daily basis, thousands of women from different parts of the world are trafficked to cities and other countries through deception and coercion to be sexually exploited.

Sex Tourism in Thailand
Sex Tourism in Thailand


The trafficking of women is not a recent social problem. Although nowadays it has become a global problem, involves a complex matrix that goes from the origin, the transit, to the destination; it also has to do with international relations and the economy of countries, in addition to an organized network of people who are involved. The main purpose of this activity is to sell women for the sex industry; they are also trafficked for domestic service, to force them to marry and for other types of work.

The data about prostitution in Thailand and everything that involves this activity and what it covers are so difficult to determine how the organizations that are responsible for carrying this entire industry. In fact, there are no figures on the impact of the existence of sexual exploitation linked to tourism in economic terms (because it is an illegal activity).

Talking about the problem of sex tourism the first thing we think is in Thailand the point is that this is not only limited to this place. Countries like Vietnam gained much popularity in American soldiers during the war, either as a place of rest and escape of their carnal desires or also as a way to reach countries bordering on it to satisfy these desires. In one way or another, this made the prostitution business increase in the region.

In 2014, 96.6 million tourists arrived in Southeast Asia, 8.5% more than in the previous year. Many of these visitors come with a sexual purpose, although prostitution is usually prohibited, as in the case of Thailand, which does not prevent it from developing with impunity on the street. The Committee on the Rights of the Child explains in a 2012 report “prostitution is practiced openly in Thailand, involving a large number of young people and the corruption of police officers, involved in the sexual trafficking of children.”

In addition, these visits, of sexual tourists or not, report to the countries of the region tourist incomes worth 107,400 million dollars. If we circumscribe the data to Thailand, the country received 26.55 million tourists in 2013, 18.8% more, which left an income of 42.08 billion dollars. Chinese, Malaysians, Japanese, Russians, Koreans, British Indians and Australians are the main visitors. Faced with the profile of a Western white male who was looking for these services, the demand for sex tourism has become universal and localized.


Nevertheless, the truth of all this is that, in reality prostitution not only benefits mafias and pimps, but also families of children sold for these purposes. This is a very profitable economic activity throughout Thailand. This generates a large migration of people from the West to live the exotic pleasures of enjoying this type of experience.

You can go to Thailand and have beautiful girls for a very affordable price. We do not know if they work for someone else or do it on their own. The truth is that the government of that country prefers to look the other way.

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