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The Best Pattaya Gogo Bars

Nightlife entertainment has always been the main attraction of Pattaya as the number one tourist destination in Thailand, and the highlight of Pattaya nightlife is definitely its famous gogo bars. Pattaya gogo bars are so popular even average tourists who are not really interested in enjoying nightlife will know a thing or two about them.

These Pattaya gogo bars are scattered all over town, but they are largely concentrated on the Walking Street, where all kinds of nightlife venues from gogo bars, nightclubs, discos, live music bars, and massage parlors to fancy restaurants and eateries gather in a 500 meters long area.

The street itself is closed for vehicles everyday starting from 6 pm, so you will only see a bunch of people walking around the area looking for the right place to party, and that’s also why this area is called the “Walking Street”.

If you visit Walking Street for the first time, you will be a bit overwhelmed with the options you have. There are so many venues you can’t even see the end of it, even if you narrow your option to just Pattaya gogo bars, you might still be overwhelmed. There are more than 80 gogo bars on this party zone, so if this is your very first time visiting this area, you’re going to need an overview.

Pattaya nightlife
Pattaya nightlife


Here are some of the best Pattaya gogo bars you can find on Walking Street:

What’s Up Agogo

A gogo bar that has a very sophisticated interior with some of the hottest girls you can find on Walking Street. This place is always full of guests even though the prices here are on the higher end when compared with other clubs in the area. Most people visit this club because of the beautiful girls, most of them are looking athletic and sexy with toned bodies, plus they are really friendly.

What’s Up Agogo has a special layout for its stages compared to other bars in the area. Most go go bars have one big central stage with seating surrounding the stage, but What’s Up has several smaller stages in a large room. Each of these stages usually has 6-8 girls performing for the guests.

Baccara Agogo

One thing that makes Baccara special is because it has the highest number of girls when compared to any other bar in the area. This bar has comfortable seating with sophisticated design. Inside, there are two floors with different ‘feels’.

The lower floor has a huge central stage with girls performing one group after another. While the setting for the upper floor is a lot more interactive and private. It has a modern looking sunken dance stage with a fireman’s pole and a glass floor. The girls performing on this stage are usually more good looking than those on the lower floor.

The entertainment in Baccara is professionally prepared with great dance music and reasonable price for the drinks. You will be entertained as soon as you step on the entrance with two beautiful girls doing pole dancing provocatively. But that’s just a warm up, the real action is waiting for you behind the curtain where you can see some of the sexiest performances you can ever find on Walking Street.


From the name alone you can tell that it’s a Pattaya gogo bar with prison theme. The girls in this interesting bar are role-playing either as guards or prisoners, and there are so many of them. Alcatraz is also known as the biggest gogo bar on Walking Street, and during high season, usually they will bring extra girls from their partner bars in Bangkok, so they will never run out of sexy girls to entertain their guests.

Inside the venue you will find a lot of fake prison cells as well as handcuffs when the girls are performing by playing as wardens, cops, inmates or convicts. If you want to hold your own party, the lounge upstairs is available to be booked.

Besides interesting performances with an exciting theme, this gogo bar also has a sophisticated dance floor that has excellent visual effects, great audio equipment and best DJs in Pattaya. So you also get a feel of a classy nightclub in this venue where you can enjoy great house music with fantastic light show and the performance of seductive coyotes.

There are certainly many other great Pattaya gogo bars on Walking street, but the three gogo bars above should be on top of your list if you want to get the best experience and entertainment in Pattaya.

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