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Wild Nights in Pattaya GoGo Bars


Nightlife is one of the main attractions in Pattaya, some people even think that it’s actually the biggest attraction there, especially for young travelers. Many people from all over Thailand and abroad come to Pattaya just to enjoy its nightlife sensation and steaming entertainment at Pattaya gogo bars. With more than 100 gogo bars in Pattaya, you will never run out of options.

Pattaya gogo bars come in different shapes and themes, but generally they have the same rules; free entry and no photography. They all play loud music and they all have beautiful ladies to entertain you while you enjoy your favorite booze.

You can actually find gogo bars all over Pattaya, but if you want many options it’s best if you just go to the Walking Street. This is where most Pattaya gogo bars are clustered, there are about 80 of them you can find in this area.

Walking Street has become the central of nightlife attraction in Thailand since the 70s together with the arrival of the US troops, which was about the same time the famous Bangkok’s red light district started to shape. Today, this area has emerged to be the biggest and busiest nightlife spot in the country.

The most amazing thing about Walking Street is the fact that there are so many things to see and do there. You could actually spend every night for a whole week in the area and still you will find new places and something new to do every single night.

There are too many Pattaya gogo bars to be listed in this short article, so here are just a few of them that are most popular:

Airport Club – Having an airline theme, this gogo bar has a Jacuzzi in the center or sometimes shower shows. The place is not so big and being one of the most popular bars in the area, it’s always full every night even though the drink prices are a bit higher than most of other bars.

Alcatraz A Go Go – Quite stands up on Walking Street with prison theme, Alcatraz is a crazy fun place to spend your night. It has a jail themed interior with staff dressed in police or prisoner uniforms. There can be up to 80 dancers performing in one night in this big club. On the second floor, there is a VIP lounge you can rent if you want a private party with your friends.

Baccara A Go Go – This is a sister club of the famous Soi Cowboy in Bangkok. Baccara is considered to be one of the high-class venues in Pattaya with two levels separated by a glass ceiling, it also has a fireman’s pole that creates some cool entrances.


Crazy House A Go Go – There are 8 stages in this bar and it also has Jacuzzi and shower show. With a psychedelic look, this unique place offers special themed parties on Thursdays or Fridays, usually offering free food and even free lottery  that you can play to win free drinks or free kisses and hugs.

Fahrenheit A Go Go – This steaming hot go go bar opened in 2010 and soon became one of the most popular bars on Walking Street. It’s not a very big club but it has a nice bar and comfortable seating that will make you want to spend a lot of time in the venue. The drinks are also offered with a great price.

Galaxy Cabaret Pattaya – This Russian go go bar promotes itself as being the erotic cabaret. It hosts some wonderful, sexy shows performed by skilled performers that are well thought-out and look more sophisticated than some Jacuzzi or shower shows you can find in other bars. It’s a classy venue with classy interior, so obviously you should expect the prices to be higher than other clubs in the area.

Ginza A go go – This club is quite narrow so the place might get crowded quite quickly, however this Japanese-styled go go bar still has space for special shows. The price for regular drinks is quite reasonable, but the lady drinks could be really expensive here.

Happy A Go Go – One of the oldest go go bars in Pattaya opened in mid 1990s. The place is not big, but it has two large stages inside, which is pretty good for the guests because that means you will never sit too far from the action. With excellent prices on the regular drinks and lady drinks, this bar remains one of the most popular in Pattaya.

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